December 7, 2019 Update

All of our available sheep and lambs have now been sold or promised to buyers.  

We will have lambs from our 2020 crop available in October 2020.  Check back at that time on this page for further information.

Thanks to our customers for buying our sheep which were sold primarily in Virginia but also in South Carolina and Maryland.

We have maintained two breeding lines listed below (Ivan and Winston lines).  Our 2019 birthed ewe lambs from these two lines are available for sale.  Photos, descriptions, and prices are listed below. 

  1. Knoll Acres Ivan, KAS03164700BBx (DOB: March 2, 2016) was conceived via AI (artificial insemination) from a Virginia State University ram which has links to the foundation genetics of the VSU flock.  Thus the offspring genetics from Ivan’s mating constitute a part of our “Ivan Line” and represent an infusion of new genetics into our flock at Knoll Acres.
  2. Bellwether WinstonBWF07133387BB, (DOB:  July 14, 2013) was tested as resistant to scrapie (RR) on codon 171.  The consequence of course is that all of Winston’s offspring will be either RQ (moderately susceptible) or in some cases RR (resistant).  Our goal is to develop the RR genotype in the Winston line.

If you are interested in starting a flock of Barbados Blackbelly sheep, consider purchasing some of our lambs.  Typically every year we have a group of ram and ewe lambs that we sell as breeding stock.  We normally sell them after they are five-six months old and after we have received registration papers for them.  If you buy any of our registered lambs, you can send in the registration papers and change the ownership record to your name.

If you are interested in purchasing one or more of our lambs, you can send us a deposit consisting of 50% of the sale price and we will hold the lambs for 30 days without charge.  The balance will be due at the time of pickup.  For lambs going outside of the state of Virginia, I need to schedule a veterinarian to inspect the lambs and provide a health certificate prior to the lamb pickup.  This health certificate cost is typically about $35 which is added on to the purchase price of the lambs.

Following is our listing of sheep that are currently available for sale.  

Individual listings include (1) name of lamb and tag identification; (2) Knoll Acres lineage line and [sale price]; (3) Birth information; (4) Genetics information (some genetics info is pending); (5) BBSAI registration number; and (6) BBSAI Pedigree data for the three prior generations from the Registry.  (Both the BBSAI registration number and the Pedigree word are hyperlinked to the relevant information on the BBSAI website.)

NOTICE to potential buyers:  During the past weeks, I have been contacted several times by “scammers” which have been a pain because of the time and effort it takes to deal with them.  To guard against this problem during the buying process, I require all potential buyers to share

  • residential address,
  • contact information, (email and phone number)
  • speak to me on the telephone about their farm and their plans for the sheep
  • deposit (personal check is fine) is required to hold a specific sheep for a buyer. 

A farm visit by the buyer is very desirable and may be required in some cases prior to a sale.  The sheep pickup date (when the balance in cash is due) can not occur until the deposit check clears the bank.  Sales of sheep going outside of the state of Virginia requires a health certification by a veterinarian which requires some time to schedule. 

2019 Ram Lambs

Knoll Acres Travis     [$225] Currently not available; on reserve for a buyer from Maryland

(EarTag/ScrapieTag) 1950 / 0330

Ivan Line, Twin; DOB 3/10/2019

Genetics: Not tested yet

BBSAI Registration # KAS03195891BB

Travis’s Pedigree


Knoll Acres Cooper     [$235] SOLD – not available

(EarTag/ScrapieTag) 1954 / 0337

Winston Line, Twin; DOB 3/21/2019

Genetics: R? (Not tested yet)

BBSAI Registration # KAS03195893BB

Cooper’s Pedigree

One  unregistered young rams #1953 (3/16/2019 DOB) and #1951 (3/15/2019 DOB) are available for sale at $165 each or both for $315.


2019 Ewe Lambs

Knoll Acres Iona      [$345]  On reserve for buyer from Maryland; currently not available.

(EarTag/ScrapieTag) 1902 / 0334

Winston Line, Twin; DOB 3/16/2019

Genetics: R? (Not tested yet)

BBSAI Registration # KAS03195887BB

Iona’s Pedigree

Knoll Acres Iyla      [$345]  On reserve for buyer from Maryland; currently not available.

(EarTag/ScrapieTag) 1903 / 0335

Winston Line, Triplet; DOB 3/16/2019

Genetics: R? (Not tested yet)

BBSAI Registration # KAS03195888BB

Iyla’s Pedigree